*Sticky How to Join The_Elite_Bandits

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*Sticky How to Join The_Elite_Bandits

Post by ViceChancellor Vashugonna on Thu Dec 31, 2009 12:48 am

Welcome to The_Elite_Bandits Recruitment Homepage:
Well if you are looking at this site and not a The_Elite_Bandits member you are
· Looking for a new Alliance
· Just lurking and checking things out
· Unhappy with your current Alliance
· Keeping yourself updated with the current The_Elite_Bandits information LIKE YOU SHOULD
No matter your reason, The_Elite_Bandits has much to offer. Our ages range from a few younger (but mature) members to the mature section of us. We don’t have a set age limit but we do expect some maturity.

The_Elite_Bandits was created for people who truly enjoy the game and enjoy finding refuge from the everyday grind. An Alliance where new players, and veterans can come and play for fun, advance and not feel overwhelmed.

Kingdoms of Camelot is a large scale and complicated game that requires friends to make it to the end and above all else
· No Question is stupid
· We are here to explore, make friends, help each other and enjoy the game
· There is no rush
· Learn all there is to know about the game
Remember we come here from all ages and play for different reasons. Some of us come just to build, others to team up and wage war for the day, complete quests, or just chill and chat. All are different journeys and all our paths will cross.
We are all part of the same alliance, The_Elite_Bandits.

Currently the qualifications of membership are:

(A) Current Might score of 85,000 or above
(B) All members MUST use their ingame Nick.

Please post your application in this forum, please include the following. Your character name, your kingdom, your current Might score, and additional details you would like to share of yourself. An alliance officer will see to these asap, and if you qualify, you may be invited to join The_Elite_Bandits.

Thank you for your interest in The_Elite_Bandits

Lady Vashugonna
ViceChancellor Vashugonna

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